Archives for March 2020

How to Take the Sting Out of Spending Less

By Gretchen Vickney | March 19, 2020

Budget. For most of us, that word is synonymous with diet. It elicits a feeling of cutting back or deprivation. Honestly, who likes to feel deprived?! However, budgeting your money can actually be one of the most liberating experiences. The experts at Vickney & Associates cover some ways you can take the sting out of…

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Collect Your Own Pot of Gold with These Tax Savings Strategies

By Gretchen Vickney | March 5, 2020

Though March is the season for all things St. Patrick’s Day, it’s also less than a month from Tax Day on April 15.  Fortunately you don’t need leprechauns or the luck of the Irish to reap your own tax rewards—you just need to follow a few simple strategies that can save you on your taxes,…

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