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When divorce happens, it’s best to understand tax implications in advance

By Gretchen Vickney | January 20, 2020

Are you or is someone close to you very recently divorced or considering divorce? There’s a lot to think about, not the least of which may be tax rules and implications. Tax rules regarding divorce and separation can change and recently have. These rules affect 2019 tax returns. It’s all very complicated, making an often-difficult…

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Lose The Payroll Headache

By Gretchen Vickney | January 6, 2020

Keeping up with payroll a gigantic headache? This year, let it go. Be nice to yourself, busy business owner: Let the hassle and the headaches of payroll GO. How much time do you spend on payroll? Chances are it’s too much. Small business owners average one day a month – that’s a whole day you…

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