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To marry or stay single: What are the legal differences for married vs. unmarried couples?

By Gretchen Vickney | November 7, 2019

More and more of Vickney & Associates’ clients are 20-somethings in the first years of their careers, making their first significant purchases (like a home) and, oftentimes, thinking marriage might be down the road. Unlike a generation or two ago, couples today often delay marriage, and some choose to remain together but not legally married.…

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How to create financial freedom

By Gretchen Vickney | November 1, 2019

Creating financial freedom: Is it possible? Can you eliminate worry about money? Can you really be financially independent? The answer is “Yes – if . . . “ Because building and preserving personal wealth requires very special attention. And it doesn’t happen quickly. Your best move: Get one-on-one guidance and a comprehensive financial plan by…

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